mindfulness tipsIncorporating aspects of mindfulness and meditation into your daily work routine can benefit your business in a great way. Mindfulness is an important tool that can keep you focused and even minimize the tendency for perfectionism. Reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality with meditation practice can boost creativity and productivity. Letting go is major part of mindfulness and meditation, something that many business owners can find challenging. However once this ability has been harnessed, there opens up plenty more room for progress in self-awareness and compassion. Try these mindfulness tips each day which should only take a few moments of your time, and very well worth it.

Mindful Tip #1 – Make it a mindful morning

Starting your day off right really sets the motion for the rest of the day. Take some time to breathe. Some advocate getting a timer, but taking a few minutes to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth is a good place to start. Begin by breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 4 additional seconds and then exhaling for 6 seconds. With repetition this practice this can become more natural, while safely building up to more extended breaths. Cycles of deep breathing stimulates physiological relaxation, a state of body and mind that can keep you mentally prepared. Remember, it all starts with just one breath in the morning.

Mindful Tip #2 – Take a moment to use your senses

Wherever you may find yourself throughout the work day – on a bench outside or at your desk – be mindful of the moment. Becoming mindful of your surroundings can be done anywhere. Instead of staring at your phone while having lunch, put it away – let yourself enjoy your meal. While outdoors, take a second to be aware of the scent of freshly cut grass or the feeling of a crisp breeze. If you can appreciate the small things, you will find yourself having much to be grateful for. One trick we like is called the “5 Sense Check In”. This mindfulness tip is easy – simply stop and ask yourself what you’re seeing, what are you smelling, what are you hearing, what do you taste and what do you feel (physically and emotionally). Simply being aware of this continuously throughout the day can reduce stress and anxiety tremendously.

Mindful Tip #3 – Make time to meditate

Many professionals find that making meditation a priority can be life changing. If you’re stressed, take a moment to disconnect from your devices and rebalance. Set aside 1-5 minutes to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Thoughts will naturally come to mind, but when this happens, just observe them without judgement and let them go. A great app to have on your phone is “One-Moment Meditation”, recommended by many for its ability to get you meditating quickly. Making time for more in-depth meditation sessions will provide faster results. Take advantage of quiet spaces such as a meeting room at work, or inside your car. Make your mental balance a priority and you will find that much more gets done. Consistency is key to notice a life change; witnessing the changes that meditation brings will keep you motivated.